28th March 2007

    Larb Gai & Tom Yum Goong

    This is one of our favorite dishes to make. Larb Gai is a Thai dish consisting of ground chicken mixed with rice powder, cilantro, shallots, green onions, the ever-popular fish sauce and lime juice. It’s served with cabbage leaves for scooping or wrapping. You can also make it with ground pork (Larb Moo) or beef (Larb Neua). Tom Yum Goong is the classic hot and sour Thai soup with shrimp and mushrooms.

    Our favorite Larb Gai recipe comes from RecipeZaar and is incredibly healthy (no oil) and just delicious. I’ve been experimenting with the Tom Yum recipe, but my starting point was this one, also from RecipeZaar. I thought there was way too much lime juice in the original recipe. The kaffir lime leaves seem to be a key ingredient. We once made it with lime zest and it just wasn’t the same.

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    27th March 2007

    Shrimp in Enchilado Sauce

    Enchilado de camarones is shrimp in a mouth-watering tomato sauce made with beer, wine, or a combination of the two, served over rice. This recipe came from Healthy Latin Cooking, but there are similar recipes to be found elsewhere online. Delicious!

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    22nd March 2007

    Chicken in Green Pumpkin Seed Sauce and Hearts of Palm Salad

    Made this dish for our friend Carrie one evening. The sauce was fantastic — a combination of tomatillos, jalapeƱos, green onions, cilantro, pumpkin seeds… it goes on and on. Yum! We had never had hearts of palm before, they were close in taste to artichokes. Very good with this simple dressing of corn, tomatoes, and lime.

    Both recipes were from one of our new favorite cookbooks, Healthy Latin Cooking by Steven Raichlen. We’ve made half a dozen recipes from this book already.

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