Month: January 2008

  • Garden-Style Lasagna

    Tonight Lisa made this labor-intensive lasagna based on a Cooking Light recipe, and added extra spices and mushrooms. I’m usually a bigger fan of tomato-sauce based lasagna, but this one hit the spot with its variety in textures and sheer number of sauteed vegetables. Chris says: Wow you’re on a roll with these Cooking Light […]

  • Roasted Red Pepper and Green Bean Salad

    Lisa made this salad tonight as a starter for the lasagna. It’s modified from a Cooking Light recipe found online. Green beans are quickly cooked until crisp-tender and tossed with roasted red bell peppers and mushrooms in a red wine vinegar and cilantro dressing. Chris says: I love salads like this. Lisa says: Yeah it […]

  • Aloo Palak

    This week’s CSA box included plenty of potatoes and spinach, so this dish was an obvious choice. The recipe below is modified from a few different sources online. Lisa says: This is *so* good. Chris says: It really is — I love that combo of spinach and potatoes. Lisa says: Did you mention that we’re […]

  • Leek and Tomato Soup

    We made this leek soup as a starter dish this week. It was a good way to use up some leftover produce, and we had the rest of the ingredients on hand. I’d recommend adjusting the spices according to your own preferences, the recipe as listed was just a little bland. Chris says: Anything to […]

  • Vietnamese Summer Rolls

    Jeremy and Autumn came over for dinner one night this week — Lisa made these fresh rolls, which filled us up much more than the tiny seafood salad I made. The peanut sauce was also really, really good. Chris says: Yay, I love these; we haven’t made them in a while… Lisa says: I’m glad […]