Month: October 2008

  • Lisa’s Mushroom Burgers

    Lisa’s been obsessed with making mushroom burgers since she heard her friend Cathy raving about the one she had in a Roseville restaurant. After scouring the net for recipes, she got ideas for the basic ingredient list and came up with this particular combination, featuring mixed wild mushrooms, breadcrumbs, oats, and spices. We dressed the […]

  • Red Chileatole with Mushrooms, Corn, Peppers, and Chicken

    This is a perfect recipe to adapt to the vegetables you happen to have on hand.  Our CSA box came loaded with corn on the cob and mushrooms, so I modified a recipe from Rick Bayless’s Mexican Everyday to use the fresh vegetables of the day.  As the book suggests, one of the great things […]

  • Basque Fish and Potato Stew

    Here’s another really easy weeknight dish; we based the recipe on one found in Fresh Spanish. Traditionally, this stew is made with tuna, but any firm-fleshed fish will work. We used mahi-mahi and were very pleased with the results. Lisa says: Yay soup!  Chris says: This cold weather certainly gets me in the mood for […]

  • Chicken, Mango, and Rice Salad

    Tonight’s salad comes from Food & Wine’s Quick From Scratch Herbs & Spices Cookbook — I’ve said it before, but these recipes do indeed live up to the name: they’re certainly very quick to prepare. Also, more than any other cookbook we’ve used, the meals end up looking almost identical to the pictures in the […]

  • Tuna Steaks on Cilantro Noodles

    Lisa has running group on Tuesdays, so I try to find recipes that can be prepared relatively quickly and don’t depend on exact timing — and so we can eat as soon as she walks in the door! This pasta dish from Fitness Food fit the bill: tuna steaks are grilled and placed upon a […]