Month: September 2009

  • Paella-Style Rice with Shrimp and Veggies

    I adapted this recipe from Fitness Food, omitting the ham and white wine (didn’t have any on hand — added more shrimp and broth), and replacing the peas with chopped green beans (ditto — use what you got, folks!). I guess you can’t really call this a true paella as it uses long-grain basmati rice […]

  • Vegetable Tian

    Another easy recipe from Barefoot in Paris — this time, a simple side dish to contribute to a recent dinner gathering. Our garden is still producing tomatoes and zucchini, and we had some veggies left over from our last CSA box, so we adapted the recipe to use those up — the only item we […]

  • Lime-and-Agave-Glazed Salmon with Basmati and Broccolini

    This super-easy one-skillet meal is based on one found at Epicurious, only I swapped out honey for agave nectar, because that’s what we had on hand.  Basmati rice cooked with shallots in chicken broth, broccolini, and salmon — everything comes out perfectly and ready to serve straight from the pan.  Just make sure your pan […]

  • Moroccan Couscous, and WHF on Android & iPhone

    Before we get to the couscous, I wanted to let Android and iPhone users know that starting today you’ll see a new, faster-loading version of this site when viewing with your mobile browser. You’ll still be able to leave comments, search, and access everything as usual, but in a more convenient, better-formatted version.  This is […]

  • Zucchini Bread

    Like many gardens out there, ours has been pumping out the zucchini out as fast as we can eat it. When you turn around to find a forearm-sized zucchini that simply wasn’t there ten minutes prior, you know it’s time to use zucchini in just about every meal. This recipe for zucchini bread is based […]