Month: October 2009

  • Grilled Salmon with Orzo Salad

    This recipe from Quick from Scratch Herbs & Spices Cookbook will definitely enter the rotation as an easy to make, fast weeknight dinner. Dill highlights both the salmon and the orzo salad here; this was a great combo! [donotprint] Chris says: Whoa, this is dill-icious. Lisa says: Oh no, not a pun night… Chris says: […]

  • Red Lentil & Vegetable Lasagna

    Here’s a cool twist on vegetarian lasagna: in addition to vegetables like zucchini and carrots, red lentils provide an unexpected texture and a boost in protein. The recipe comes from Fitness Food — this book continues to be a source of interesting, healthy meals. [donotprint] Chris says: I like nights that you cook. Lisa says: […]