Category: Cooking Light

  • Baked Eggplant with Mushroom-Veggie-Tomato Sauce

    Tonight Lisa adapted a recipe from Cooking Light, throwing in a bunch of extra veggies to make this baked eggplant dish. It was close to a lasagna, with eggplant taking the place of the noodles. Ridiculously low in calories, which meant we polished off the entire dish. Chris says: Yum, is that pizza? Oh wait. […]

  • Garden-Style Lasagna

    Tonight Lisa made this labor-intensive lasagna based on a Cooking Light recipe, and added extra spices and mushrooms. I’m usually a bigger fan of tomato-sauce based lasagna, but this one hit the spot with its variety in textures and sheer number of sauteed vegetables. Chris says: Wow you’re on a roll with these Cooking Light […]

  • Roasted Red Pepper and Green Bean Salad

    Lisa made this salad tonight as a starter for the lasagna. It’s modified from a Cooking Light recipe found online. Green beans are quickly cooked until crisp-tender and tossed with roasted red bell peppers and mushrooms in a red wine vinegar and cilantro dressing. Chris says: I love salads like this. Lisa says: Yeah it […]

  • Chocolate Chipotle Chili

    Lisa made this chili from Cooking Light; it features ground turkey, chipotle peppers, and … chocolate! It was a unique combination that went well together — the spiciness of the chilies was a nice contrast to the chocolate. Chris says: This Chocolate Chipotle Chili is Dinner and Dessert in one Dish! Lisa says: Soooo chocolaty! […]

  • Maryland Crab Cakes

    Lisa was at the helm tonight and whipped up these delicious crab cakes using a recipe found in Cooking Light. They turned out perfectly: crispy on the outside, hot and steamy on the inside — I loved all the minced green onions in there. We served the crab cakes along with some heirloom tomatoes, pictured, […]