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  • Thanksgiving in May: Sweet Potato-Pecan Casserole

    This last side-dish from our Thanksgiving in May roundup comes from Ellie Krieger, who often features lower-fat versions of classic recipes.  Since we had about two gallons of butter in our stuffing, it was nice to pretend that we were having a light meal with the addition of this Sweet Potato and Pecan Casserole.  The […]

  • Thanksgiving in May: Challah, Herb and Mushroom Stuffing

    Welcome back to Thanksgiving in May! This is the most buttery, herby, shroomy, deeeelish stuffing we’ve enjoyed in a long time. I went searching for a new stuffing recipe and when I stumbled upon this one at food52 I knew I found our winner. The most difficult part of this recipe was tracking down a […]

  • Mushroom Larb

    We heart larb, and we used to make larb gai all the time, but with Lisa being on a veggie kick lately, we introduced this version into the mix. Instead of chicken, I used a mix of various mushrooms we had on hand — shiitake, cremini, and good old white button. It was delicious! One […]

  • Vegetable Tian

    Another easy recipe from Barefoot in Paris — this time, a simple side dish to contribute to a recent dinner gathering. Our garden is still producing tomatoes and zucchini, and we had some veggies left over from our last CSA box, so we adapted the recipe to use those up — the only item we […]

  • Moroccan Couscous, and WHF on Android & iPhone

    Before we get to the couscous, I wanted to let Android and iPhone users know that starting today you’ll see a new, faster-loading version of this site when viewing with your mobile browser. You’ll still be able to leave comments, search, and access everything as usual, but in a more convenient, better-formatted version.  This is […]