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  • Healthy ‘Cause It’s Vegetables: Carrot Cake Ice Cream

    Actually, that’s a lie.  A wonderful, wonderful lie.  Well, partly.  It *is* vegetables:  carrots and currants are vegetables, right?  Healthy?  Not a chance.  At a whopping 485 calories and 30g of fat per 1/2 cup serving, this insanely awesome frozen treat isn’t likely to fit into any sensible eating plan.  But who cares — Lisa […]

  • Sweet Potato-Bourbon Pie

    Another catch-up post; Lisa made this as an alternative addition to the usual pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. This recipe comes from Cooking Light; the crust was somewhat of a disappointment, but we loved, loved, loved the filling. Lisa says: What’s this “we”? Not all of us loved the filling. Chris says: What? You’re nuts — […]