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  • Everything’s Better with Pork: Japanese Salmon Burgers

    I came across this recipe a few days ago on the Mixed Greens Blog, and it really caught my eye. Not only because it can be completely made with local ingredients, but because of the addition of pork to the salmon. It seemed that the ground pork would make for a really juicy burger, and […]

  • Ultimate Veggie Mini-Burgers

    This recipe from Super Natural Cooking: Five Ways To Incorporate Whole and Natural Ingredients into Your Cooking sounded pretty interesting — it’s not your Garden(burger) variety veggie patty. With this recipe, the veggie patty is the bun, so you don’t end up with such a dry burger. You can then fill it with whatever strikes […]

  • Lisa’s Mushroom Burgers

    Lisa’s been obsessed with making mushroom burgers since she heard her friend Cathy raving about the one she had in a Roseville restaurant. After scouring the net for recipes, she got ideas for the basic ingredient list and came up with this particular combination, featuring mixed wild mushrooms, breadcrumbs, oats, and spices. We dressed the […]

  • Thai Chicken Burgers

    This chicken burger recipe comes from Fitness Food. Ground chicken is mixed with breadcrumbs, cilantro, chili sauce, and spices, and formed into burger-size patties. It’s served with ribbons of cucumber and carrot, and a sweet cilantro-vinegar sauce. Chris says: I got bit by the time-bug on this recipe, too! Lisa says: What do you mean? […]

  • Chipotle Bean Burgers

    Lisa modified a recipe from Southern Living and created hands-down the best homemade bean burgers we’ve tasted. Accompanying the burgers were roasted portobello mushrooms, corn salsa, and an adobo mayonnaise. Chris says: I’m in love! Lisa says: They’re pretty damned good… Chris says: I mean I’m in love with you cooking these awesome dishes! Lisa […]