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  • Healthier Comfort Food: Chicken Pot Pie

    This lighter-version of a favorite comes from Eating Well, and was a great way to feel comfortable eating comfort food. The biscuit topping was a nice surprise, and the dish really tasted rich and creamy. I’m putting in my official request for Lisa to make this again. [donotprint] Chris says: What the… did you really […]

  • Healthy ‘Cause It’s Vegetables: Carrot Cake Ice Cream

    Actually, that’s a lie.  A wonderful, wonderful lie.  Well, partly.  It *is* vegetables:  carrots and currants are vegetables, right?  Healthy?  Not a chance.  At a whopping 485 calories and 30g of fat per 1/2 cup serving, this insanely awesome frozen treat isn’t likely to fit into any sensible eating plan.  But who cares — Lisa […]

  • Kale and Roasted Vegetable Soup

    Visually appealing? Perhaps not so much, but this soup we adapted from Elise’s Simply Recipes was simply delicious. The roasted vegetables give the soup a nice depth, and we always heart kale!  Lisa’s dad had never tried kale before, so this was a good introduction to this superfood. [donotprint] Lisa says: Yum! This smells really […]

  • Big Steaming Bowl: Armenian Stew with Pilaf

    This recipe is from Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites: a hearty vegetarian stew with Mediterranean spices atop a bed of bulgur pilaf. It was nice and filling, and delicious for lunch the following day. [donotprint] Chris says: So this *claims* to be an Armenian dish… Lisa says: We certainly never made this dish when I was […]

  • Moroccan-Style Chicken and Root Vegetable Stew

    Cathy, Chris, and Theo were visiting from Sacramento this weekend, and we wanted to find an easy recipe that would be both filling and use the vegetables newly-arrived via the CSA box. We adapted this winter vegetable stew recipe from Epicurious, increasing the chicken and modifying a few things based on comments from those who […]