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  • Aloo Palak

    This week’s CSA box included plenty of potatoes and spinach, so this dish was an obvious choice. The recipe below is modified from a few different sources online. Lisa says: This is *so* good. Chris says: It really is — I love that combo of spinach and potatoes. Lisa says: Did you mention that we’re […]

  • Rutabaga and Cilantro Muffins

    I first saw these muffins on Rose’s 64 sq ft kitchen a couple of weeks ago and knew I’d have to try them out. Cilantro? In a muffin? With *rutabaga*?? I think the only time I’d ever had rutabaga was as a kid, where it was mashed with carrots. So the recipe sounded crazy — […]

  • Cilantro Soup

    I’d been looking forward to making this soup for a while but was waiting for an opportunity to have it as a starter. That plan came to fruition tonight. We enjoyed this soup, based on a recipe in Healthy Latin Cooking, as a first course before moving on to our Tuna Machaca. Lisa says: Whoa, […]