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  • Baked Eggplant with Mushroom-Veggie-Tomato Sauce

    Tonight Lisa adapted a recipe from Cooking Light, throwing in a bunch of extra veggies to make this baked eggplant dish. It was close to a lasagna, with eggplant taking the place of the noodles. Ridiculously low in calories, which meant we polished off the entire dish. Chris says: Yum, is that pizza? Oh wait. […]

  • Spicy Vegetarian Chili

    With the impending move and my taking evening classes, we haven’t had a lot of time to cook at home as of late. Lisa did, however, have the time to whip up this hearty, beany (ahem) chili last week. The recipe comes from Elise’s site, with a few small changes, as shown below: Spicy Vegetarian […]

  • Moussaka with Chickpea Salad

    Tonight, via Fitness Food, is this low-fat version of the Greek standard. Calories are reduced by grilling the eggplant slices instead of frying them, and when preparing the white sauce eggs are omitted, and lowfat/nonfat milk and cheese are used instead of their full-fat counterparts. The flavors were dead-on, and the portions were generous. We’ll […]