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  • Butternut Squash Muffins with a Frosty Top

    Lisa made these muffins adapted from a recipe found in Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, Jamie At Home. She cut the oil way down from the recipe, and nixed the walnuts (Whole Foods apparently didn’t stick them in the bag), but they turned out pretty darn good just the same. Lisa says: “With a Frosty Top”? What […]

  • Morning Glory Muffins

    Lisa’s been getting her bake on (mmm… bacon…) in these last few weeks before work starts again, and today she made these muffins, based off a recipe in Cooking Light. We were out of eggs, so applesauce made an appearance, and raisins and dried cranberries subbed for dried pineapple. My contribution was pulling the coconut […]

  • Rutabaga and Cilantro Muffins

    I first saw these muffins on Rose’s 64 sq ft kitchen a couple of weeks ago and knew I’d have to try them out. Cilantro? In a muffin? With *rutabaga*?? I think the only time I’d ever had rutabaga was as a kid, where it was mashed with carrots. So the recipe sounded crazy — […]