Month: July 2007

  • Moussaka with Chickpea Salad

    Tonight, via Fitness Food, is this low-fat version of the Greek standard. Calories are reduced by grilling the eggplant slices instead of frying them, and when preparing the white sauce eggs are omitted, and lowfat/nonfat milk and cheese are used instead of their full-fat counterparts. The flavors were dead-on, and the portions were generous. We’ll […]

  • Turkey Picadillo on Plantain "Surfboards"

    Another delicious, low-fat recipe from Healthy Latin Cooking — in this one, the ground beef in traditional picadillo is replaced with ground turkey. I was a little skeptical with the inclusion of raisins, but it worked really well. Lisa’s not a huge fan of green olives, capers, OR raisins, but she was singing the praises […]

  • Guilt-Free Fish & Chips

    Who knew you could make “healthy” fish and chips? Other than some cooking spray, there’s no oil at all in this recipe from Fitness Food. We made this with “true cod” from Whole Foods, though any firm white fish would work well in this recipe. We also had different potatoes than listed below, but other […]

  • Bizarre Recipes Vol. 1, No. 1: Baked Sweet Potatoes Mexicana

    Lisa was browsing through Fitness Food and found this pretty odd recipe: a baked sweet potato covered with ground beef and salsa. Bizarre? Yep! We liked all the ingredients separately, however, so there was a pretty good chance it’d taste good together… and it did. The sweet of the potatoes was a nice contrast to […]

  • Jalapeño Chicken Salad

    We had a grilled chicken breast left over from last night’s pasta, and I’m a huge fan of chicken salad [shredded chicken, not cubed, please!], so I looked up recipes for a version that sounded a little different than the norm. I found this one on RecipeZaar; one bonus is that we had all the […]