Month: October 2007

  • Caesar Salad

    Well, more accurately, a lower-fat version of Caesar dressing made without oil and egg yolks. This recipe is from the Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites Book. Chris says: Wow, for a low-fat Caesar this is pretty good. Lisa says: I’ve never made salad dressing before; I like it! Chris says: The leftover will be really good […]

  • California Pasta

    Tonight Lisa tossed linguine with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and pine nuts to create a filling, delicious pasta dinner. Chris says: So where did this recipe come from? Lisa says: My dad ordered the Daily Special at Hobee’s years ago and liked it so much that he recreated the recipe at home. Chris says: It’s […]

  • Moqueca de piexe (Brazilian Seafood Stew)

    This is the second version of Moqueca we’ve attempted, and it couldn’t be more different than the first. In this version, as featured in Healthy Latin Cooking, you puree the stock, onions, peppers, and tomatoes, which creates a thick broth to which you add the fish (in our case, mahi mahi) and shrimp. It worked […]

  • Puttanesca Fusilli with Shrimp

    A return to my favorite tomato sauce tonight, this time swapping out the angel hair for fusilli. Shrimp seems to go really well with this sauce made with anchovies, capers, olives, and garlic. Lisa says: What gives? We’ve made this before… Chris says: Yeah, well that was before we had our witty banter up. Plus […]

  • Curried Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

    Tonight we returned to the old standby, Great Bowls of Fire. Lisa made this spicy curry that features chicken, sweet potatoes, and various other vegetables and spices. We served it with brown basmati rice. Chris says: Yum! The flavors work really well together — I love the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and the spiciness […]