Free Stuff Review: Cowgirl Truffles


One of the benefits of being a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher is the opportunity to sample new food finds. Recently we received in the mail this 1/4 box of chocolate from Cowgirl Chocolates, which included a delicious variety of truffles and caramels, ranging from ever-so-mild to holy-that’s-hot!

The habañero caramel was by far the hottest treat in the box — noticeably spicier than the habañero dark chocolate truffle, which just provided a little tingle in the back of the throat.  I’m all for spicy foodstuffs, so these made me very happy.  We’ve been nibbling our way through the box a bit at a time, and there hasn’t been a dud in the bunch.  (Lisa’s never been a fan of “filled” chocolates, so she may disagree with me on the raspberry-goo filled dark chocolate.)

If Cowgirl offered an “all spicy” box, I’d be all over it.  In any case, this little box would make a great gift to share with the chocolate-lover in your life.

Actually, share it with the chocolate-hater in your life; you’ll get to eat more.

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