Category: Weight Watchers

  • Seared Cod over Veggies and Pasta in a Mushroom Broth

    Wow, was this good. Cod is coated in crushed dried shiitake mushrooms, seared, baked, and then plated over a dish of pasta and vegetables sitting in a mushroom broth. This recipe comes from Weight Watchers, and, shock of all shocks, the portions weren’t of the usual minuscule variety. Chris says: I love the crust on […]

  • Crab and Wild Mushroom Chowder

    Lisa made this chowder found in the Weight Watchers Great Cooking Everyday book. This thick soup has a mushroom and chicken broth base, and is topped with lump crab meat. Chris says: This smelled great when you were cooking it! Lisa says: Sometimes I hate those WW recipes; that bowl pictured is two servings. Chris […]

  • Savory Bulgur with Vegetables

    Lisa prepared this dish for Carrie’s holiday party; this savory bulgur side dish is loaded with different vegetables. Lisa says: I made some modifications from the recipe that Weight Watchers lists — I added onions and mushrooms, and made it with veggie broth instead of chicken broth. Chris says: Sigh; the curse of cooking for […]

  • Gremolata-Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Tomato Relish

    After spending a long weekend in Santa Fe eating tons of Southwestern and Mexican food, we wanted to have a light dinner that didn’t take a lot of time to prepare. I found this recipe in the Weight Watchers Great Cooking Everyday cookbook. We served it with orzo tossed with lemon juice and parsley. Lisa […]