4th April 2007

Grape Leaves and Fattoush

Lisa made this delicious dish tonight.
Grape leaves, zucchini, and squash stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, rice, and various spices, a garlic and yogurt dipping sauce, and fattoush, a Lebanese bread salad with a lemon and olive oil dressing.

She based it primarily on a family recipe, with a few modifications from the wonderful Complete Armenian Cookbook and Secrets of Healthy Middle Eastern Cuisine.

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2nd January 2007

New Year’s Manti and Tabbouleh

This is one of my all-time favorite Armenian dishes. Manti are crispy little canoe-shaped dumplings stuffed with ground beef, onion, and allspice. After baking them, you put them in a bowl and add chicken broth to make a delicious soup. You then top it with a garlic-yogurt mixture and some sumac. It’s awesome.

Tabbouleh is a parsley and bulgur salad — in the States you’ll often find it made with way too much bulgur. Traditionally, the parsley is the focus. Tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lemon juice, and olive oil round it all out.

Both recipes from The Complete Armenian Cookbook.

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