Category: Vegetarian

  • Garden-Style Lasagna

    Tonight Lisa made this labor-intensive lasagna based on a Cooking Light recipe, and added extra spices and mushrooms. I’m usually a bigger fan of tomato-sauce based lasagna, but this one hit the spot with its variety in textures and sheer number of sauteed vegetables. Chris says: Wow you’re on a roll with these Cooking Light […]

  • Green Lentil & Vegetable Curry

    This recipe from Fitness Foods combined a bunch of tasty veggies, two kinds of potatoes, and savory sauce to make a really tasty, filling meal. We decided next time we make this we’ll use our spicier red curry, as the green curry we went with wasn’t quite as hot as we would have liked. Green […]

  • Champagne Chili Risotto

    There’s been a mini-bottle of bubbly sitting unopened in our fridge for a while, so when we saw that Great Bowls of Fire had a recipe for a spicy risotto that used champagne and was chock full of mushrooms, we had to try it. Neither one of us have risotto very often, so I’m not […]

  • Cayenne Black Bean Posole

    Lisa made this posole tonight, the only one of the four we hadn’t yet tried from the Great Bowls of Fire cookbook. Note that the posole recipes in GBOF have a thick tomato base, whereas most recipes are broth-based. This is a vegetarian version, with black beans and cayenne peppers. We discovered that some Chipotle […]

  • Pav Bhaji

    Lisa was determined to make pav bhaji, a mashed vegetable curry, after our friend Krishna made it for an Oscar party earlier this year. We love recipes like this where you can eat a lot of volume and still keep the caloric intake low (it’s all vegetables!). Lisa followed this recipe, but halved the oil […]