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  • Thanksgiving in May: Chicken Nachatta

    Now, I have no idea what “Nachatta” means, but this riff on Chicken Marsala, with cranberries, mushrooms, and a touch of cream, echoed the flavors of turkey and cranberry sauce and so made a fantastic main course for our Thanksgiving dinner. I found the recipe in the Seattle Celebrated Chefs Cookbook, courtesy of Amore. We […]

  • Healthier Comfort Food: Chicken Pot Pie

    This lighter-version of a favorite comes from Eating Well, and was a great way to feel comfortable eating comfort food. The biscuit topping was a nice surprise, and the dish really tasted rich and creamy. I’m putting in my official request for Lisa to make this again. [donotprint] Chris says: What the… did you really […]

  • African Peanut Stew

    Here’s another good one from Almost Meatless: okra, chard, onions, and just a bit of chicken in a richly-flavored broth made with peanut butter and chicken stock. The recipe makes quite a bit, and was so good that in addition to Lisa, I brought in leftovers for lunch the following day! (Those of you who […]

  • Red Chileatole with Mushrooms, Corn, Peppers, and Chicken

    This is a perfect recipe to adapt to the vegetables you happen to have on hand.  Our CSA box came loaded with corn on the cob and mushrooms, so I modified a recipe from Rick Bayless’s Mexican Everyday to use the fresh vegetables of the day.  As the book suggests, one of the great things […]

  • Pollo Pulquero

    Our first post after our almost three weeks in Italy (w00t honeymoon!) is this chicken dish from Rick Bayless’s Mexican Everyday. The original recipe calls to prepare it in a slow-cooker, but, not owning one, we went with the oven-bake method instead. This was a perfect recipe match to our CSA box, which this week […]