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  • Big Curry Noodle Pot

    Here’s a quick & easy, packed-full-of-flavor slurpy bowl of goodness from Super Natural Cooking: Noodles, tofu, and onions swimming in a rich, creamy coconut curry broth. Just the right amount of spice, and a garnish of cilantro and shallots provide nice color contrast to the yellow broth. [donotprint] Lisa says: Ooooh, good choice! This is […]

  • Mango Barbecued Swordfish

    This perfect summer recipe is adapted from the McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant Cookbook, which I recently received from my boss at work (Thanks, Bill!). I was drawn to this recipe because the salsa reminded me of the one we created to use in our fish taco recipe — mangoes, pineapple, cilantro, onion — and […]

  • Red Curry Beef and Mushrooms

    A new recipe from Great Bowls of Fire for us tonight — this one was nice and spicy! Thin strips of beef are stir-fried with peppers, mushrooms, and snap peas, and drowned in a sauce of coconut milk, chicken broth, and soy sauce. Filling and delicious! Chris says: Whoa — this is spicier than I […]

  • Taste & Create VIII: Mushroom Curry

    For Taste & Create VIII, Lisa and I were paired with Sathya & Elizabeth from The Baker and The Curry Maker: our second Aussie pairing! After scouring through a bunch of delicious sounding posts, I decided to make this mushroom curry that Sathya made back in October. Lisa and I are huge mushroom fans (wait […]

  • Burmese Chicken Curry

    A few nights ago I made this tasty curry recipe that I found on what you having for your tea?, a blog I’ve been following for quite a while. Big fan of the curries, that wyhfyt, and this one was #1 on his(?) Best of 2007 list. Chris says: I can see why this made […]