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  • Tilapia with Fresh Corn and Hatch Chiles

    It’s that time of year that some wait on pins-and-needles for… hatch chile season!  The roasters are out in full force at several grocery stores in the area, and with a freezer full of chiles, I wanted to find a recipe off the beaten “green chile stew”/”green chile enchiladas” path.  This recipe is adapted from […]

  • Catch-Up Post #2: Tilapia with Shiitake Mushrooms

    A month or so ago, we made this easy fish dish, adapted from a recipe in Fitness Food: The Essential Guide to Eating Well and Performing Better. The original used fish steaks (snapper, halibut, swordfish…) but we had a few tilapia fillets on hand and it sounded like a good match to me! We paired […]

  • Ginger and Cilantro Baked Tilapia over Mixed Baby Greens

    I came across this baked tilapia dish on the kitchn, and thought it would work well as a salad. Man, was I right! Not only that, but the asian-flavors marinade, made with white wine, soy, and sesame oil, makes a great warm salad dressing. This is a super-quick, super-simple meal that we’ll definitely be adding […]

  • Costa Rican Tilapia

    Abbie and Carrie were over tonight and we made this tilapia dish again; the rice is totally the star of the show. It’s mixed with oranges, black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, onions… totally delicious. The last time we made this was for an International Potluck — not only did I not have time to properly photograph […]

  • Tilapia with Pimiento Sauce

    This recipe from Elise’s Simply Recipes is quick and flavorful. Tilapia is cooked in a tomato, mushroom, and olive sauce, right on the stove. We served the fish with a side of orzo. Lisa says: My, these green olive chunks are big… Chris says: The better for you to pick them out, my dear. Lisa […]