1st March 2009

Collard Greens Mineira

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This is an easy side-dish (via epicurious) that we had with our shrimp and broccoli when Carrie was over for dinner this past week. Rather than the usual slow-cooking method, these collards are cut into really thin strips and sauteed over high-heat with crispy pancetta. That’s it. Simple enough?

Chris says:

Wow, the collards actually stay bright-green this way. I’m used to them being a really dull green, almost the color of grape leaves.

Lisa says:

…and they’re good! They’re not bitter… must be the salt and pancetta.

Carrie says:

Yeah I’m trying to eat less meat, but this is good… besides, every vegetarian eats bacon.

Chris says:

Seems like it, anyway! That bacontarian (pancettarian?) movement is really catching on.

Lisa says:

Better enjoy it, we’re doing another vegetarian week soon…


Collard Greens Mineira
1 1/4 lb collard greens (about 2 bunches), halved lengthwise and stems and center ribs discarded
3 slices pancetta, finely chopped

Stack collard-leaf halves and roll crosswise into a cigar shape. Cut crosswise into very thin slices (1/8″) with a sharp knife.
Cook pancetta in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over moderate heat, stirring, until crisp. Add collards, tossing to coat, and cook until just bright green, about 1 minute. Season with salt and serve immediately.

4 Servings

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    On March 2nd, 2009, Rosemary said:

    Yum! We’ve recently started cooking more greens and are loving it. I’ve yet to add anything more than a little garlic and s&p to them, but this sounds good. Got some prosciutto and mustard greens in the fridge, wonder if that will substitute well….

    I’ve found that cooking the stems is well is nice – slice them from the leaves like usual, but instead of discarding them, slice thin like celery and saute about 2-5 minutes before the leaves. It adds a nice crunch to the dish. 🙂

    ps – We’re picking up our first CSA box this week – thanks for the recommendation!

  2. 2
    On March 2nd, 2009, Hélène said:

    Great recipe.

  3. 3
    On May 3rd, 2009, Quick-Braised Collard Greens with Bacon and Sweet Onions » We [Heart] Food said:

    […] showing up in our CSA box, we hadn’t previously cooked with collards. We recently made this quick sauteed version, which was great, but wanted to try something new. This recipe came from the Food Network and […]

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